A Womans Perspective

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Books 5 – 6 which have a Womans perspective on life, Sex and Men.

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Can From A Womans Perspective be the most laugh out loud, shocking or disgusting book for Women ever written?. With funny, shocking and disgusting images projected to your brain. Most of subject matter is taboo in general conversation. With bad habits and unfortunate situations described in detail in this book they are often disgusting, shocking and downright hilarious.

They say poetry is the food of love, well these poems definitely aren’t. This book includes adult content such as; Sexual/Rude situations, adult style observations of bodies and bodily function and theres references to STD’s and much more. These poems which are strictly for adults contain a little truth about bodies, sex and the male species that some of the more adventurous or unlucky readers can relate to. If you are not easily offended and like to LAUGH be SHOCKED or even DISGUSTED these poems of bodily functions, embarrassing and disgusting situations are just for you.

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A WOMANS Perspective

Written By Willie Vain the Author of the Amazingly Hilarious. Laugh, Shocked, Disgusted Series.